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the challenge

Why results and impact evaluation is so relevant

The world has committed to wage war on poverty, bear down on inequality, tackle climate change and take on other challenges set out in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Much of the funding driving efforts to give substance to the SDGs have been channeled through Official Development Assistance (ODA), which has doubled in value in the last two decades, reaching more than US$150B in 2020. In this regard, donor and recipient countries are working closely together to make food available for every child, to improve health and education, fight poverty and address other priorities highlighted in the SDGs. 


Our mission is to help investors analyse the results and impact of their programs and ask searching questions about whether funds are always being used to maximum effect.


We all face a similar challenge: the consulting business does not offer state-of-the-art investment evaluations that combine hard data and key soft elements in a comprehensive and well-rounded analysis of results and impact. 


We want to measure as accurately and rigorously as possible how far ODA investments are unleashing the transformative power needed to bring about lasting change.  We also seek to determine if sustainable, solid national systems are taking shape in areas such as health, education, modernization of the state and climate change.

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