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how we work

A fresh approach to evaluating results and impact

The idea of creating The Management Lab springs from our professional experience overseeing large-scale investments in the field of international development, where assessing the impact of our work has always been a big challenge.


We seek answers to a number of questions. Is ODA generating concrete results and positive change? Is the transformation we are seeking sustainable? Are we really strengthening national systems? How can we put a value on the impact of ODA investments?


These are fundamental questions for both donors and recipients. Performing a thoughtful, evidence-based analysis is pivotal for taking informed strategic and managerial decisions.


The Management Lab’s objective is to re-invent the way impact and results are analysed and evaluated. Our goal is to improve the quality of these assessments and to offer a new, more coherent approach to our clients.


1. Combining hard and soft data 

Numbers and verifiable facts are crucial, hence the need for a quantitative analysis of what has been achieved. But real, sustainable change only happens when governments, NGOs, the private sector and other key actors redefine how they work with each other, and forge a collective strategy that results in the creation of robust, resilient systems.


2. Specific recommendations for each specific actor

Implementing agencies, governments, civil society, donors, private sector and other partners team up to roll out development programs. Each partner plays a different role, but all share a common objective. In large -and complex- partnerships, success depends on the synergy generated.


The Management Lab produces performance and impact reports with specific recommendations for each actor to improve the partnership’s transformational power.


3. A panel of international experts providing strategic insights

Quality and independence are our two guiding principles. Drawn from senior positions in top-performing development agencies, our team of experts brings valuable experience across the investment life-cycle, from project design to impact evaluation. In addition, a panel of international experts is on hand to give continuing input and high-level strategic advice. This one-of-a-kind group of individuals brings a unique set of skills and experience, intervening in key steps of the evaluation process.


Our combined expertise aims to guarantee the best multi-disciplinary advisory service to help our clients improve the effectiveness and impact of their investments.

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