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who we are

The Management Lab is a Geneva-based advisory firm specialized in evaluating the results and impact of investments in development programs.  We decided to create a niche initiative to meet a real need for robust, independent and multi-disciplinary impact analysis of ODA investments.


With this in mind, we have put together a team of highly experienced and talented professionals, who share an ambitious objective: all of us are determined to change the way performance, results and impact are evaluated. To achieve our goal, we look beyond the hard data and put the human factor at the centre of our analysis of how lives are impacted by ODA.


Our team has an impressive record in managing large-scale investments. We come from the public and the private sector, and every one of us has spent many years in senior jobs in international organizations and development banks. We share the same conviction that there is a pressing need for evaluations of development programs that set new standards of comprehensiveness and quality.

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